Board Code of Conduct

Board Code of Conduct


I realize that to be the most effective advocate for children we, as aTEAM must function as a TEAM. To this end, I pledge to do my best toadhere to the principles below. Should I for whatever reason, fail tofollow these guidelines I ask my fellow TEAM members to call it to myattention. When that happens I pledge to accept the feedback withoutanger or finger pointing, and to renew my efforts to follow this CODEOF CONDUCT.

  1. I will always strive to put the needs of children above the wants of adults.

  2. I will review my information packet before each meeting and focus on sticking to the agenda.

  3. I will discuss possible agenda items with the Superintendent before the agenda has been posted.

  4. I will treat all TEAM members with respect, the way I want them to treat me.

  5. I will reserve the right to disagree but I will not be disagreeable. Nor will I harbor grudges from past issues or events.

  6. I will not embarrass another TEAM member or school employee.

  7. I will not ask for items to be placed on the agenda for the purpose of making a political statement nor will I “play to the audience” during meetings.

  8. I will not monopolize the conversations, and I will come to meetings prepared.

  9. I will not attempt to state or otherwise represent the position of another TEAM member on any issue.

  10. When talking to another TEAM member it is my responsibility to alert that TEAM member if I wish the discussion to be confidential.

  11. What is said to me in confidence will remain in confidence.

  12. I will be consistent. What I say in public is what I will say in private. What I say is what I will do.

  13. I will seek to inform and include all TEAM members in our discussions.

  14. I will make a good faith effort to understand and accommodate the views of other TEAM members.

  15. I will not make negative comments about another TEAM member, either publicly or privately.